The Scoop on Interest and Metal Price Discounts

In converter recycling, the best recyclers are partnering with companies that educate. We encourage our customers to sell on assay, the analytic procedure that measures the content or quality of a metal or ore contained in the catalytic converters. In this, the fourth installation of our series, Getting the Most from Your Converters with A … Read more

Associations: Who Needs ‘Em?

I’m writing this article to talk about all of the challenges we are facing as an industry, all the adversity that we will need to overcome, as well as the uncertainty about current events facing all of us with COVID-19. One thing is for certain, we are living in a different world now. These are … Read more

Make More Money on eBay With

Here is a great story. Two months ago, I received a call from Doug Williams, an old customer who owned Eagle Auto Parts located in Martinsburg, WV. Doug and his wife, Lori, purchased Eagle Auto Parts back in 1983. I have been there many times and would speak to all their employees and follow up … Read more

Summer 2020 Takata Airbag Round Up

FAQ – Are you still paying a bounty on Honda airbags? I’m not getting as many hits on my Honda’s. Since the RAS Airbag Recovery program began, the Automakers have frequently added and redacted VIN’s from our database. The primary reason for redactions is that the vehicle has been repaired so the automaker is able … Read more

Selling to a Global Market

Well Toto We Are Not in Kansas Anymore Recycled OE parts have never been in demand more than they are now. Anywhere and everywhere, if you have high quality products you can find a buyer. With eBay selling over 12 billion dollars in auto parts and accessories online last year, you can sell all over … Read more