Independence Day

With the 4th of July just passing and with Independence being on my mind, it got me to thinking…Are the days of being independent numbered? If you look at all of the news lately, there has been a lot of interest in our industry and a lot of consolidation. More and more Auto Recyclers are … Read more

Together We Succeed

Succeeding in automotive recycling involves understanding the status of many industry aspects, many of which were discussed in sessions and hallways at the 78th Annual Convention & Expo in November 2021, held in Dallas, Texas. Facility efficiency, understanding the future of artificial intelligence in insurance estimating, electric vehicle safety, end-of-life utilization of the electric battery, … Read more

Sales Managing in 2021

The first quarter of 2021 is almost over.  Both January and February were short months but March has an extra day or two in there to help make for the normal number of work days in a quarter.  As winter starts to get ready to exit, we will be settled in for the coming sales … Read more

Tools For Success

Watch and Understand Your Competitors, But FOCUS ON BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS! The first article in this series listed more than 25 tactics to increase your business success. I have used all of them. I started with nothing and didn’t get to college, so I know you can achieve maximum success, regardless of your education. E-mail … Read more

Auto Salvage Industry Business Broker Part 3

In the last two installments, I wrote about the vast differences in types of auto salvage yards, and the relative lack of buyers in this industry. So just how are yards getting sold these days? When you know what you’re selling, you have a much better chance of actually closing the deal. I’m amazed that … Read more

Kabele Truck & Auto Parts Announces Its Merger With United States Powertrain

Both companies are owned by Wolf Diversified, Inc, a North American corporation with holdings involved in automotive, media, timber and real estate. The merger will retain the United States Powertrain name for all automotive related business. The executives with Wolf Diversified, Inc, made this merger decision simply to consolidate all billing and accounting to one … Read more

Great Meeting in Michigan

Here’s how it started. At the end of January, I spoke for the Colorado Automotive Recyclers Association. We sent out a small, “DJ video” to every past and present member of this great association. Results? We DOUBLED the attendance! In the room was Ryan Hochmiller and his dad from Active Truck Part. During a break, … Read more

Retirement, Succession, The Next Generation

Baby Boomer Generation are at a point in the industry where most baby boomers have retired, are retiring or are thinking about retiring. Seasonal Retirement (Florida/Arizona) Taking off several months in the winter has been an activity that many of the baby boomer generation, especially those in the snow belt and further north, have done … Read more

C&C Manufacturing, LLC of Centerville, Iowa Announces Its Scrap Products Division Located In Ottumwa, Iowa

C&C Manufacturing, LLC (“C&C”) of Centerville, Iowa announces its new Scrap Products Division located in Ottumwa, Iowa. Prior to Al-Jon Manufacturing, LLC (“Al-Jon”)’s exit from the scrap products market in early 2017, C&C’s affiliate, C&C Machining Inc. (“Machining”), provided quality parts and large precision machined weldments, to Al-Jon for use in its Scrap Products Division … Read more

Projected Sales

What are projected sales? Projected sales are the reason that you purchased the vehicle. Many people use bidding software to help them decide what they need to purchase and what they could pay for it. Even more people shoot from the hip using their intuitive knowledge to determine what to pay. These are extremely different … Read more

TJM Capital Partners Invests In SAS of Luxemburg, LTD

TJM Capital Partners, through its portfolio company, Builtrite Holdings, LLC, announced its investment in SAS of Luxemburg, Ltd effective April 14, 2017. Founded in 1975, SAS Forks is a leading producer of highly engineered and differentiated auto dismantlers and processors, and material handling attachments serving the auto salvage, material recycling, scrap processing and quarrying market … Read more

Looking Good!

At the beginning of this school year, my oldest daughter started band. All the parents with an interested 5th grader gathered in the gym for the introduction from the band teacher. He introduces us to two different companies that we could purchase or rent our child’s instrument from. Then he said “okay, go.” The gym … Read more